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If you have been considering renovating your home or building a new one.


Don’t risk to further damage your home

Our Durable renovation services, priceless in fact with our AMC for your renovation needs

Enhance the exterior of your home with our Home Renovation Package that suits you.Our building systems are designed to last, best of all, that are easy to maintain.


With our extensive expertise, a collection of finishes including  woodgrain, concrete and rust-look, there is a finish  to suit every project and home style.


You need to live in a place before you renovate it, that is where we come in to help you understand the floor plan  and the house flows, giving you  a gorgeous look for your home or office.


Home renovation is a huge project and a giant commitment for any homeowner, We’ve your back with our experts to help you make the process little bit easier


If you want a smooth remodeling procedure with stunning results, hire the best home renovation expert, Why? Because it is a step in the right direction

If you consider renovating your residential house/ apartment or office,Renovation is an exciting milestone whether you are reviving the kitchen, trying to install a cozy walk-in shower, or renovating an ugly wall.


We help you avoid stress;


Increased security and preparedness for your house and family


Any major renovation project must prioritize safety,Professional follow all safety codes and regulations to ensure the safety of your home. You may lack the resources to incorporate the required safety standards


Home renovation professionals are often aware of the risks involved in renovation and strive to ensure maximum safety by adhering to essential safety guidelines.


Enhanced Lifestyle


Working with the finest contractors ensures comfort and convenience in addition to safety. It relieves the tension of trying to negotiate with multiple subcontractors and suppliers of project requirements.


Established home renovation services near me can help you bargain better deal, lowering the overall cost of home renovation,It doesn't have to be hard

Guaranteed Spectacular quality of your completed Home,

Nobody wants to pay more money. As a result, if you want impressive results from your remodeling project, Hire Speck Technical Services

Ready to relax in your forever Kitchen, Let us give it a furnished stunning look.


Are you entertaining the idea of a new Kitchen


For the heart of your home| We have got all your needs in place for a spectacular home renovation.


 Why stop with just the kitchen| coordinating millwork in other areas of an open living space provides cohesiveness and balance.


Whether your style is modern or urban or somewhere in between, the team of experienced designers from speck technical services can help you achieve your dream house/ kitchen


Don't lose power in the middle of the night or during a meal with your family. Have the experts fix abrupt power surges in your home or office to not miss that important call or meeting presentation.


Keep your cool and take the heat, Instal an energy efficient , reverse-cycle air conditioning system


Where sleek design meets functionality, Prevent plumbing issues in your home with our Annual maintenance package.


Create the home you want| or an office that inspires you to close deals everyday.

Add value:

Improve view and light by ensuring the special planning is practical and incorporates aspects of the surroundings, such as views and nature.


If there is something special about an existing building, try to incorporate this into the design and enhance the feature.


Make the kitchen a feature. A kitchen is a way more than a function, it deserves to be a focus and highlight of the home.


We make it personal for you to feel at home in your new renovated space.


If you’re thinking of doing renovations without spending an absolute fortune| Get the experts to help you out while you concentrate on things that matter.

Perfectly clean and elegant

The essence of our work is found in the creation of concept development,great balance in both simplicity and functionality for refined interior and home renovation designs


We create meaningful living ways and it is widely considered to be one of the most unique practices to merge from our expertise.We believe in the importance of curating a bespoke look for every renovation project we have worked on in Dubai communities like Jumeirah, Dubai International Park, Motor City,

To create a unique space for you and your family


In times of turmoil , nothing comes more consoling than the shades of brown, In color psychology, brown is the hue of earth and natural materials( like wood) and is often associated with resilience, safety and security,


Brown as a subtle hue that reminds us of nature, carries a nurturing quality that fosters harmony and balance in the home, when paired with the right shades such as chocolate, terracotta and beige,are making a tasteful comeback in today's homes and renovation as they convey a sense of warmth and nature-friendly sophistication that makes you feel safe and protected

Professional and superior design with experienced renovation services.


One Hundred Percent and more


We like to start each of our projects from scratch to create an element of surprise with a mix of contrasting elements, telling a story to create a narrative, we believe design like ours can affect people differently and uniquely  and how a space can feel.


Looking for a stylish kitchen design that gives you the most bang for your buck?

Now is the time for cool kitchen makeover, for you and your family


Get a glorious and glamorous design for your apartment or office, combining modern sensibility and design flair.


The idea was to craft an environment that is elegant and serene, able to generate richness and a sense of belonging.


Better credibility and confidence 

Higher customer satisfaction,

Improved Revenue


Creating irresistible designs that keep you in tune with style


Annual home solution


Your own Kitchen Design| Try it now


Kitchen renovation

Home Renovation

Office Renovation

Kitchen Cabinets

Interior Fit-In/out Design


We cherish the nature of home every step of the way.


With a passion for solid wood furniture and designer finishings, we bring Unique designs merging with your style and budget into your interior space.


But after more than two years of travel restrictions, the script has flipped- we now want our homes to feel like hotels or homes that remind us of our ......and how big the world is, Instead of a a pared back, minimalist look, we seek a style that is all the more eclectic, freewheeling and fun.


Your Home deserves extraordinary doors

Transform your home’s look, feel, function and value with custom door solutions|Your trusted home renovation services near me


Quality Satisfaction Guaranteed

A whole new lie of custom built inset and frameless cabinetry with the impeccable crown point fit  and finish

Work with one of our in-house design professionals


Whether you’re renting while dreaming of homeownership, actively searching, just starting restoration, 


It is all in the details


Whether you are restoring a vintage home or designing a new one with a stylish feel, finding the right professionals is key to your successful project completion.


A modern work life and balance with our Annual Maintenance Contract today| it is not always easy but it can be comfortable

These days, home is where we live, work and learn. The last thing you need to worry about is finding the perfect temperature to keep everyone comfortable.


Good contractors use their training and experience to “tune into” what’s wrong in the house


Give your office fresh new look and stay ahead of your competition.


Enhance your interior space with new looks

As a homeowner, you have a lot on your plate.L et speck Technical Services Lighten the load, 

call now for free consultation and estimates

Your one-stop property maintenance company for all your home maintenance, repairs, and improvement needs.

Have any questions about remodeling and home improvement? Let us know

If you are ready to get started on your renovation project, You'll want to talk to our home design expert| get in touch today.


If you're interested in remodeling your home, but you're not sure where to begin, Our design/ renovation team is in place to assist you to make the right decision, you would love to see in your new home.


Work with experts to get your ideas into your dream home

Save money with our design and build solutions and turn  your home into your dream home


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