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New listings and inventory sky rockets

Urban Living 7/17 6:57A Matt Goyer
The big news last week was mortgage rates dipped below 7 for the first time in months; as of today, buyers are looking at 6.84%, a welcome relief from the 7s we’ve seen most of this year. The big local news last week is we saw nearly 400 new...

Spire Adds Robotic Car Charging

Urban Living 7/16 9:11A Matt Goyer
Spire, the 343-unit condo building that completed in 2021 and is now 80% sold just added robotic car charging to their automated parking system. With the latest enhancement to its fully automated parking system (APS), robotic arms automatically...

Inventory and price reductions hit a high for the year

Urban Living 7/2 11:53A Matt Goyer
We’ve talked to many would-be-home sellers about pricing over the last week. What makes pricing conversations challenging right now is that last week the number of homes for sale hit another high for the year and nearly 9% of those homes had...

Summer is here, what does that mean for real estate?

Urban Living 6/25 8:46A Matt Goyer
Summer is here! And just in time for summer, we listed a sweet Eastlake floating home for just $1.1m. If that doesn’t float your boat, check out our list of all the waterfront homes for sale. We’d love to help you find your spot on the lake. The...

An Urban Living Listing: Charming Eastlake Floating Home

Urban Living 6/25 6:52A Matt Goyer
Just in time for summer! Every day feels like a vacation in this cute floating home in the middle of Eastlake. Slip 6 at the Dox co-op at 2235 Fairview Ave is a sweet spot spend your days kayaking, paddleboarding, and swimming off your back deck....

First Light Preferred Lenders

Urban Living 6/21 9:21A Matt Goyer
With First Light nearly completion with closings hopefully starting this fall, First Light has released their list of preferred lenders for buyers thinking of getting a mortgage on their new condo. Movement MortgageChristine...

The market is slowing – but here’s the home with 28 offers last week

Urban Living 6/19 7:37A Matt Goyer
We’re surprised buyer activity the last two weeks has been roughly equal to the week after the Memorial Day slowdown. Normally we see buyer interest mostly rebound, then taper off as we enter July and August. But this year, buyer interest hasn’t...

How nervous should sellers be right now?

Urban Living 6/12 11:07A Matt Goyer
Risky prediction! Relief is coming for buyers and sellers should be nervous. TL;DR our theory is that nearly all the buyers willing to pay ~7% for their mortgages have bought homes. Signs we’re seeing that should signal coming relief for buyers...

Busiest week of the year for new listings

Urban Living 5/22 6:02A Matt Goyer
Last week was the busiest week of the year for new listings! (This week will be slow for new listings because sellers will likely hold off listing ahead of the long weekend.) This is good news for buyers as the number of homes for sale has...

Rates ease, Seattle buyers were BUSY

Urban Living 5/6 7:51A Matt Goyer
The big news last week was the Fed holding their rate steady. Of course, mortgage rates do their own thing and so after seeing mortgage rates at an all-time high for the year last weekend, this weekend they’ve dropped to their lowest point in a...

Russell Wilson, Bill Gates and a custom McLaren

Urban Living 5/1 8:52A Matt Goyer
Rates in the mid-7s don’t seem to be slowing buyers down we helped a client offer on a $1m two-bedroom home in Bryant and it had 16 offers! And it isn’t just single-family homes that are hot; we listed a two-bedroom condo in Fremont, and it had 3...

New listings skyrocket across Seattle!

Urban Living 4/23 8:14A Matt Goyer
Wow! New listings were up 27% w-o-w in Seattle and up 50% on the Eastside (see the charts below). This is welcome news for buyers they now have many more options, so bidding wars should be less crazy. But this is bad news for many sellers who...

An Urban Living listing: like-new floating home!

Urban Living 4/10 6:26A Matt Goyer
Just in time for summer and the 4th of July! Matt and his family are selling their floating home in Eastlake s Mallard Cove at 2600 Fairview Ave E Slip 11. But we re staying on the dock, so if you buy this home, we ll be neighbors! Every day...
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