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Eastside weekly wrap-up: only 29 new listings during the holiday week!

Urban Living 11/27 12:45P Land Cook
Last week we were wondering if we would beat the new listing count from this week in 2022 (24) and we did! 29 sellers put their home on the market this week heading into Thanksgiving. Not a surprising number but expect about 70-80 new listings...

Seattle weekly wrap-up: it was a slow holiday week

Urban Living 11/27 11:14A Matt Goyer
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Not surprisingly, last week was a slow week for new listings. We saw sellers put just 48 new listings on the market in Seattle, making it the slowest week of the year for new listings. I expect we’ll see around...

Eastside weekly wrap-up: more sellers? again?

Urban Living 11/20 10:01A Land Cook
Normally we see sellers wind down their plans to put their homes on the market as we approach the holidays. However, last week we saw an uptick in new listings (same as we saw two weeks ago) with 109 new listings. That s a 30% bump week-over-week...

Seattle weekly wrap-up: slowest week of the year for new listings

Urban Living 11/20 7:22A Matt Goyer
Wow! Last week was a slow one for new listings in Seattle just 130 new listings hit the market (down 33% week-over-week), making it the slowest week of the year for new listings. However, the coming weeks are sure to be even slower This week we...

Eastside weekly wrap-up: a bump in listing activity as rates drop

Urban Living 11/6 12:03P Land Cook
Talk about excellent timing! New listings on the Eastside increased 17% last week right as rates dropped below 7.5% (we re kicking off the week at 7.48%). 115 sellers got their homes on the market and hopefully the big drop in rates gets them...

Seattle weekly wrap-up: rate roller coaster

Urban Living 11/6 11:56A Matt Goyer
Mortgage rates are giving us all whiplash! Last week was wild from almost 8% at the beginning of the week to ending the week at 7.38% (today we re at 7.48%.) I m skeptical rates would affect buyers and sellers so quickly, but last week we did see...

Eastside weekly wrap-up: it’s getting cold out there!

Urban Living 10/30 7:05P Land Cook
I went out of town for a couple of days last week and was surprised to see that the temperatures had dropped 20 degrees when I got back! And the Eastside market is cooling off just as much. New listings were down 13% week-over-week with just 98...

Seattle weekly wrap-up: everyone hits the brakes

Urban Living 10/30 12:40P Matt Goyer
Thanks to rates hitting 8% buyers and sellers both really hit the brakes hard last week we saw just 187 new listings in Seattle last week, down 10% week-over-week. Meanwhile, Seattle buyers put just 128 homes under contract, down 12%...

Seattle weekly wrap-up: rates hit 8%

Urban Living 10/25 6:01P Matt Goyer
The big news last week was that mortgage rates hit 8%, a 23-year high (and are still there today!). This is definitely having a chilling effect last week 208 new listings hit the market, and while 25% of those are already pending, the majority of...

Seattle weekly wrap-up: rates are up, activity is down

Urban Living 10/16 8:35A Matt Goyer
We re continuing to have a really slow fall thanks to nearly 8% interest rates; last week we only saw a little more than 200 new listings hit the market. Remarkably, and optimistically, nearly 1 in 3 new listings has an offer review deadline....

Eastside weekly wrap-up: new listings jump 40% week-over-week!

Urban Living 10/16 4:13A Land Cook
Astonished would be the right word to describe our surprise at seeing new listings jump 40% w-o-w! We love when we don t need to repeat the same message every week but we definitely were not expecting new listing totals higher than the same week...

Seattle weekly wrap-up: prices tick up as sales slow

Urban Living 10/11 10:24A Matt Goyer
The data from what the Seattle real estate market did in September is out and I was surprised to see that the median sales price is up about 2% to $899,400 from $883,000 in August but I still expect it to start declining as rates hit all-time...
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