One Hour Birding in Olympia, Washington

Explore Washington State 6/20 4:50A Karla Kelly
When I decided to write a birding feature for Explore Washington State, I wracked my brain about which of my favorite birding locales I would showcase for an hour of birding. Ultimately I decided that it would be most appropriate to take you on a...

A Day at Snoqualmie Falls

Explore Washington State 6/20 4:47A Melissa Muncy
The Pacific Northwest is known for its natural beauty, and Snoqualmie Falls is considered one of the area’s crown jewels. Snoqualmie Falls is the second most visited natural landmark in Washington...

Spending a Day in Seattle’s Georgetown

Explore Washington State 6/20 4:44A Nancy Croisier
Where in Seattle did the town’s first railroad begin, Rainier beer originate, and the city’s first municipal airport open? They all had their start in Georgetown. Considered Seattle’s oldest...

Hiking The Baker Lake Trail: Build Your Own Adventure

Explore Washington State 6/14 3:05A Melanie Pasqua
Looking for a hike that incorporates something for everyone to enjoy? Check out the Baker Lake trail in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest . The Baker Lake trail is a 15-mile long hike on the...

Explore the North Bank of the Columbia River Gorge

Explore Washington State 6/14 3:04A Eric Allan
Mention the words “Columbia Gorge” to Pacific Northwest (PNW) locals, and they’ll almost certainly bring up Multnomah Falls, Vista House, Rowena Crest, or some of the other well-known points of...

Visiting Pacific Raceways

Explore Washington State 6/14 3:02A Lexi Wicks
Driving into the parking lot of ProFormance Racing School I was far from in my element. My family wouldn’t necessarily describe me as a great driver in general, let alone dare to put me behind the...

The Many Lakes to Kayak and Fish Around Spokane

Explore Washington State 6/14 3:01A Christy Alejandra
This was a hard article to write because in the Pacific Northwest there are so many great areas to explore and there are not just a few things here or there, there are many. So, for this article I’m...

Spending a Day Wine Tasting in West Seattle

Explore Washington State 6/12 3:13A Nancy Croisier
During the last two and a half years, has any place in Seattle been more isolated than West Seattle? After all, everyone referred to it as “the island” when the West Seattle Bridge closed for repairs....

Washington Cryptids

Explore Washington State 6/12 3:12A Sarah Prentice
The Pacific Northwest, lovingly referred to as the PNW, is a cryptid hotspot. Nobody knows why the spookiest of creatures tend to hang out in this neck of the woods, but they sure do make for good...

5 Lookouts Near Seattle to Visit This Summer

Explore Washington State 6/12 3:10A Matthew Rounsley
Summer is coming and that means the highest of elevations will be free of snow and hiking can begin! High elevations provide some of the most incredible views of the PNW and I have just the place to...

Spending A Weekend On Blake Island State Park

Explore Washington State 6/11 4:21A Lisa Mize
Twenty-seven minutes to paradise. That is it. Twenty-seven minutes. Okay, it’s Blake Island Marine State Park , but to us, it’s a local paradise. Your arrival at the island puts you directly into...

Spokane Coffee Shops: Our Top 9 List

Explore Washington State 6/11 4:20A Molly Lindquist
There have been some changes in the Spokane coffee scene in the past year, and now that things are slowly re-opening, I decided to revisit my list of the best coffee spots in town. Ethical purchasing, quality beans, care while roasting and...

Spending a Day in Downtown Woodinville

Explore Washington State 6/11 4:19A Gracie Read
Nestled in the lush Sammamish River Valley just 25 minutes outside of Seattle , Woodinville is full of surprises and attractions for any visitor. Whether you’re eager to hop into the food scene,...

5 Historical Haunts Worth a Road Trip

Explore Washington State 6/10 1:38A Sarah Prentice
If walls could talk, these Washington state attractions would have a lot to say about their storied pasts. #1 Oxford Saloon With a facade that looks like it’s straight out of a Western movie, there’s ...

Top Three Hikes for Kids Along the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River

Explore Washington State 6/10 1:32A Erin Gallimore
Located east of North Bend, the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Road accesses dozens of popular hiking trails. Here are three kid-friendly hikes in the river valley. Garfield Ledges Garfield Ledges is...
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